A bit more info about me

At this point, you are probably wondering who I am and how I could be of help to you. I’m happy to share more about myself!

I am a born-and-bred Californian currently living in Costa Rica. After way too many years of braving the battlefields of the marketing world, I realized that there was much more to life than climbing up the corporate ladder. I had been fortunate enough to get in on some stock back when I was just entering the workforce, and after the company’s stock skyrocketed, I took the opportunity to cash in. It was then that I dedicated myself to living my dreams and passions.

I had always been passionate about gambling, and Costa Rica seemed to be the ideal place to pursue my interest further. As it happens, I had a childhood friend who has been working closely with the Costa Rican Gambling Commission for many years, and when an opening came up for a marketing director in one of the leading gambling firms in the territory, I jumped at the chance to make my move. After getting my affairs in order, I put my condo on the market, sold whatever I could, gave away what I couldn’t, put the rest in storage, and booked a flight to Costa Rica.

I have to say that the experience was nothing at all like I expected. Just before making the commitment, I thought to myself that I would simply try it out for a year or so, and go back to the States if things didn’t work out. But little did I know how much fun Costa Rica was going to be and how rewarding I would find the task I had taken on.

As it turns out, my old buddy was pretty well-connected, and he put me in touch with some of the most prominent names in the local gambling industry. I worked at the first casino group for a few months, and then quickly moved on to bigger and better things. With my current role, I feel that I am in a much better position to make use of the skills and knowledge that I had developed over the years, and to more effectively share them with fellow casino aficionados.

After two years of living in Costa Rica, I can safely say that I will be happily staying put for a while. Right now, I am firmly focused on helping you, our valued visitors, learn more about the fascinating world of gambling. If you have any question or concerns-or even if you simply want to say ‘Hi!’ – feel free to send me a message!

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